Custom Designed Editable Mailchimp Email Templates for Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Custom Designs

We design bespoke email templates to make sure your email campaign represents your brand identity and is as per your requirements.

Responsive Layouts

We make sure that our emails are fully-responsive. We also make sure they work on multiple platforms, including tablets and mobile devices.

Editable Templates

We understand that you may need to reuse your email template. That’s why we make sure all our templates are completely editable and reusable.

Successful Campaigns

We make sure that our designs are interesting and our HTML coding is cross-platform compatible so that you can turn your leads into sales.



Change Text

You can easily change the text in the email templates to make them 100% customisable and reuse them for subsequent emails and newsletters.

Change Colours

Easily rebrand your email templates with custom colours as per your preference through user-friendly interface and give your emails new look every time.

Change Links

You can also update the links in your email template for subsequent newsletter emails and keep track of when someone clicks on those links to visit your website.

Change Images

Easily change images in your editable email templates without effecting the email layout or overall design. It’s just a 2-click job.

Responsive Layout

Email template layout would be responsive and mobile-friendly, which means your users can easily view the email on their hand-held devices.

Cross-platform Compatible

We test our email templates on multiple browsers and email softwares to make sure they are displayed consistently across all softwares and devices.

Reusable Template

You can reuse our email templates easily for subsequent newsletters or emails without paying the price for a new email.

Google Analytics Friendly

Our email templates are completely Google Analytics friendly which means you can easily track your email campaign activity and clicks through your Google Analytics account.

Detailed Delivery Report

You’ll receive detailed email delivery report at the end of your email campaign to see how your email was perceived by your subscribers and how many visited your website in response.

Our Values

At MailChimp Email Designer, we have a set of values that are strictly followed in our company. We are a company that is very serious about our code of conduct. Following are some of the values that we uphold each morning when we enter our offices:

Honesty and Integrity

Our professionals are honest through and through. Every one of us is moral and earns their living with great integrity. This sincerity is what drives us to produce amazing results for our worthy clients.

Dedication and Commitment

We at MailChimp Email Designer are hard working professionals with a strong sense of dedication and commitment. You will notice the rigour and passion each time you choose to work with us. Trust us, we never get happy until you are satisfied.

Passion and Creativity

Every job at MailChimp Email Designer is creative and teaches something new every day. Our people remain with us because they love their jobs and are passionate about it. This drive for being innovative is what differentiates us from our competitors.

Our Process


We’ll first go through your requirements and brief to make sure we understand the complete project and the objectives you would like to achieve through your email.


We move onto the design and put together initial wireframes for you to get your feedback and provide you the revisions. We finalise the design on your approval.


Now its time to implement. We take your approved design and code it into cross-platform compatible and responsive HTML file for maximum reach out to your subscribers.


We run through multiple browser and email software tests to make sure your email has minimum chance of ending up as a spam and is displayed consistently across all browsers.

Start Running Your Mailchimp Email Campaigns In A Style.