Email Copywriting

MailChimp Email Designer understands the importance of the written word. We know how great words can create an ever-lasting impression on people. This is why we hire only the best and most creative people. Our email copywriters are good with words and really know how to create a striking copy. The brilliant and elegant email copies we produce really impress our clients. We really help you differentiate from your competitors.

Copywriting that Converts

We assure you that our copywriters have got just the right words that will hit the sweet spot with your audience. No matter how boring your business, they will find a way to create an exciting copy. With us, you get the assurance that your target audience will definitely be converted after reading our incredible copy.

Personalised Copy

Our creative copywriters make sure that their wordings are personalised so that your audience feel that they are being addressed. This gives a favourable impression of your company and draws the reader into what is being said next. The personalised style has worked in the past and we assure you that it will work for you too.

Creative Storytellers

The writers we hire are not just ordinary copywriters, they are creative storytellers. Creating engaging and exciting copy for your business, we guarantee that we’ll portray an incredible brand image of your company. The email’s copy will have a touch of creativity and vigour to it. We also send you the copy first so that you can approve and suggest any changes.

Incorporating Latest Email Marketing Tactics

The copywriters at MailChimp Email Designer understand everything that is happening in the digital marketing world. They are well-equipped with the latest email marketing tactics and really know what words to use to create the maximum impact. This gives you a peace of mind that you are in absolutely safe hands.

Our Latest Email Copywriting Projects

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Contact us to know more about what we have to offer. From coders to designers and copywriters, we have a team that is not afraid to go the extra mile. We guarantee that with MailChimp Email Designer, you will get more than what you were looking for.